Five players to buy low in fantasy hockey leagues

One month into the season, some frustrated fantasy owners may be ready to quit on their struggling stars. It’s time to pounce.

It’s my favorite time of year to scour the waiver wire in fantasy hockey leagues. By November 1, the season is just old enough to trick impatient players into believing sample sizes are big. “Hey, I gave him a month,” they might say about a slumping star.

But, really, one month is a pretty small sample size when placed in an 82-game context. Only one team has even reached the 15-game mark, and 15 games comprise 18.3 percent of a team’s NHL season. We can’t shrug off 15 games as utterly meaningless, but that sample size definitely presents a buying opportunity. For perspective, Nikita Kucherov’s 128 points last season were the most by any player since 1995-96, but we could cherrypick a mediocre sample even for him if we wanted to.


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